During the summer and fall months, we sell straight to the consumer at our roadside farm stand, as well as at our many different locations in New York and New Jersey. Each of our markets is unique in its own way. At some of our markets we sell fruit and vegetables, and others solely fruit. Come check us out at one of our markets!



Lattintown Road farm stand

730 Lattintown Road, Milton N.Y. 12547

June 11th-October 21st


Monticello, NY-July through September ( fruit and vegetables)


Jacobi Hospital, The Bronx, NY-June through November (fruit and vegetables)


Barryville, NY- June through October (fruit and vegetables)

Pawling, NY- June through September (fruit)

Rock Hill, NY- June through September (fruit)

Ringwood, NJ- June through October (fruit and vegetables)

Port Jervis, NY-June through October (fruit and vegetables)


Callicoon, NY- June through October (fruit)